Nook is an American rapper and hip-hop artist who is creating more than a “buzz” up and down the Mid-west and especially in Saginaw, Michigan as he strives to become the epitome of the rap game. This Michigan born and raised artist has a brand that is picking up steam nationwide.
Saginaw, Michigan, home to critically and commercially successful musical great, Stevie Wonder and The NBA’s power forward Draymond Green. Saginaw is still considered a small town with pockets of talent, some of which struggles to launch to the mainstream of the music industry. However, Nook is focused on defying the odds.
Michigan is generally known as a cold state, in terms of weather and within the urban, poverty-stricken communities’ areas violence and many other oppressive career roadblocks are certainly present. In his independent grind Nook is branding himself and musical talents to expand out of the hood and abroad. His goal is to create a path and strengthen the music footprint in his journey.
Nook started to take it seriously less than a year ago and in this short time an artist has emerged. In building his brand and resume, he has proven that he is more than an average street rapper an is already known for his hard work and perseverance. Laser focused on building his brand and up-leveling his skills, he is well known for his ability to create in general, his writing capabilities and his collaboration.
Nook, has always had an ear for music and creatively blends vivid lyrics and storytelling creating an urban sound of today’s relevant music. Despite coming up in a gritty city he loves it and what he does to put the city on the map. Vigilant about his grind and his music career, he is laser focused on his music catalog, refining his music and continuing to brand his presence through performing.
As an artist, Nook respects and appreciates everything from the culture from the history to the players of the game. His resume includes working with some of the hottest Midwest artists out. Nook dropped his first single Dreadz N Bread remix featuring Tee Grizzley and Sada Baby an artist who is signed to Tee Grizzley's management. The project was well thought-out record is gaining steam and interest outside of his market. Nook’s original hit, Dreadz N Bread featuring FMB Dz and Sadababy was also featured on Lansing, Michigan's hottest radio station 96.5. Nook has also worked with Team Eastside Peezy, Babyface Ray, and Flint Michigan's Bootleg from the legendary Dayton Family.
His fans describe him as a well-versed recording artist acknowledged for his strong work ethic, collaborative style, flow and skill- yet a realist. He tells stories reminiscent of his experiences from a poverty stricken inner city, that people love. Nook is doing things in life the right way and putting his time and effort into his, family, craft and brand.

As an unsigned independent artist, Nook has been spending a lot of time in the lab and on the stage performing as much as he can at places locally and at SXSW in Austin. He is also planning on making a strong presence at Atlanta’s A3C hip-hop festival in the fall. In essence, his eyes are on recording great music and building a body of work that will hook and buzz with new and old fans!
With his organized movement and well thought out approach, he plans to continue to level up on the stage and who he shares it with as he is on his way to greatness. Watch out for this shining star as his highly anticipated records and visual projects are released this year. Nook's music is available on all major streaming services.

In the meantime, connect with him on social media and say tuned as he most certainly has plan a promising music career ahead of him. 

Hit Single "Dreadz N Bread" ft. Tee Grizzley 300k Views

Nook - Ramen Noodles (ft. Babyface Ray).mp3

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