Chase Million

The Rocky Mountains may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about famous Rap artists, but Chase Million is in the process of changing that with the upcoming release of his new album Reflections. ​His debut album is a compilation of captivating and moving pieces written over the course of ten years . Join Chase as he eloquently conveys a number of powerful messages that are sure to inspire the listener.
As a boy growing up in Utah, Chase Million recalls the numerous hours he had spent rapping along with the hip hop classics blaring out of the tattered speakers on his old boom box. “I still hear the neighborhood kids clapping for me whenever I hear ​Rappers Delight.​ As an artist you never forget your first standing ovation.” He noted with a gleam in his eyes.

It would take more than the memories of boombox concerts, on a wooden deck packed with friends and family however to compel Chase to pursue a career in music. The impetus behind that choice would come years later while serving his country as a Marine Rifleman deployed on the war torn streets of Iraq.
Normally listening to his beloved Hip-Hop music provided an escape from the stress brought on by firefights and routine patrols but one night after a ferocious firefight he realized that it was time to follow his heart. The caustic events of that night ten years ago, and his devotion to the Hip-Hop culture, became the catalyst for the rising star, to begin composing his own songs. Ten years later his greatest inspiration and biggest fan is his beautiful daughter CoCo.

The experience of recording an album turned out to be much more challenging and fulfilling than Chase had envisioned when he started the process. “I couldn't even imagine the amount of hours and effort it actually takes to produce an album.” he expressed as he reflected on the process which has taken months of effort.
“One thing is certain every track on the album is a reflection of what resonates in my soul.” Chase noted as he took a break from the studio to spend some quality time with his daughter CoCo. “When Reflections​ hits the shelves in June my fans won't be disappointed with the quality or originality of the trademark sound that are becoming the hallmarks of MC/Rapper, Chase Million.”


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